To be provided by the client, free of charge:

Preparatory measures / On-site services

  • Access and parking for our vehicles – an overview of the necessary space requirements is available in our section "Transport and Logistics" »
  • Cordoning and traffic safety measures
  • The working areas must be presented to us free of all obstacles.
  • Protection of all persons or objects in close proximity to our operations against scattered blast material and jet water, as well as noise pursuant to legislation (protective walls etc.). The client shall be liable for damages caused by insufficient protective measures.
  • The cutting may be deeper, depending on the process. This depends on the selectivity of the high-pressure water blasting process. We shall not be liable for any additional costs of reprofiling (see also DVB (German Institute for Concrete) data sheet “HDW-Strahltechnik im Betonbau” (High-pressure water blasting technology in concrete construction)).
  • Free water abstractions on the construction site, hydrant or C-hose, min. 2.0 bar for hand lance (water requirement approx. 2 m³ / hour of operation) min. 4.0 for robots (water requirements approx. 15 m³ / hour of operation)
  • The water quality must meet the requirements for high-pressure pumps (drinking water).
  • The blast material, as well as jet water must be collected, removed and disposed of on-site.
  • Sufficient lighting and ventilation in the working area pursuant to legislation
  • Power connection 400 V, 50 Hz, 32 A and/or generator min. 30 kVA, with free abstraction
  • Crane provision or moving equipment, if necessary
  • Work scaffolding or climbing aids according to legislation, if necessary

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