Construction: 03/2004 - 11/2004

Pöhl Reservoir in Saxony / D

Renovation of water-side dam wall:

Remedial works to the dam wall of Pöhl Reservoir

Constructed between 1958 and 1964, the curved gravity dam measures 34 m high and 312 m long. The dam is 10 m thick at the top and 25 m thick at the bottom.

Designed for irrigation and flood control, the structure also functions as a hydroelectric power station and includes two inspection walkways, the gatehouse and the power house with a Francis Spiral turbine (750 kW) and two bottom outlets.

Job Report – Factsheet

  • Project: Pöhl Reservoir – renovation of the dam wall
  • Contractor: Landestalsperrenverwaltung Sachsen
  • Special feature: Working at up to 30 m high on narrow trusses
  • Cutting: Water-side 5000 m² concrete (5 - 30 cm depth, 6 -12 m processing height), in combination with 6000 m² air-side (5 - 10 cm depth, 6 -30 m processing height)

Concrete cutting

The severely damaged concrete surface of the water-side dam wall required reconstruction. The remedial works of the dam wall took place in two stages. Firstly, large areas of damaged, weathered old concrete were removed by high-pressure water blasting.
Then a 20 cm-thick shotcrete facing formwork was constructed. The area to be restructured measured 5000 m² (processing height: 6 - 12 m). Work was carried out on 1.50 m-wide trusses above the water. The extensive cutting covered 3 m in one operation. Thanks to different cutting techniques, it was possible to work on different construction geometries simultaneously.

Equipment technology

Standard robots with 3 m cutting beams were deployed on the trusses. Work was performed on the periphery at the same time with a telescopic robot. Both cutting devices were supplied by high-pressure pumps, which generated a blasting pressure of 1100 bar with a water volume flow rate of 220 - 240 l/min.

Technical fact: Equipment – Telescopic Robot, Standard Robot and hand lance | Units - HDP 553 (1100 bar, 220 - 240 l/min), HDP 124


High-performance technology paired with the personal dedication of our employees ensured that we were able to remove more than 750 tons of old concrete within a very short construction period, as requested by the client Schachtbau Nordhausen GmbH.

The awarding of the contract to repair the air-side dam wall including the power house followed one year after the successful remedial works to the water-side dam wall.

Working under the highest quality criteria

Renovation of the P6 multi-storey car park – Zurich Airport

With more than 26 million passengers every year, Zurich is the number 1 airport in Switzerland. The airport is also an international player in terms of quality. Therefore, the chloride-damaged surfaces of the P6 multi-storey car park were overhauled to the highest standards, including the consistent use of certified particulate filters.

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Work on a European transport hub

Renovation of Felperbrücke - A13 Brenner motorway

The renovation works on the high-traffic Felperbrücke on the Brenner motorway were completed in three construction phases – with two-way traffic throughout – and posed great challenges to man and machine due to the tight interim and final deadlines.

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Work on the North Sea bed

Renovation of the Limfjord Tunnel, Denmark

The Limfjord tunnel is a key link to the Aalborg region. Water penetrated the twin-tube undersea motorway tunnel due to leaky construction joints. The purpose of the renovation was to stop the water penetration and to reconstruct the damaged concrete.

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