Construction: 03/2011 - 01/2014

P6 multi-storey car park – Zurich Airport / CH

Working to the highest quality criteria:

Renovation of the P6 multi-storey car park – Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is situated north of the capital city and is the largest airport in Switzerland. It is regularly named one of the “leading airports in Europe” (e.g. World Travel Award).
After London-Heathrow and Charles de Gaulle in Paris, Zurich was the third European airport to host an Airbus A380 departure.

Every year, more than 26 million passengers fly in and out of Zurich, and more than 400,000 tons of freight is handled per annum.

Job Report – Factsheet

  • Project: Zurich Airport – P6 multi-storey car park renovation (8 levels)
  • Contractor: Flughafen Zürich AG
  • Client: ARGE renovation Inn Canal
  • Type of operation: Remedial works on chlorine-damaged parking level surfaces and kerbs
  • Special feature: Use of high-performance 2000 - 3000 bar high-pressure pumps with state-of-the-art particulate filters

The job

Wannenwetsch was awarded the contract for the complete overhaul of the P6 multi-storey car park within the consortium ARGE P6 (Leuthard Bau AG & Fetaxid & Wannenwetsch GmbH).

The remedial works comprised the repair of the steel supports and concreting over a surface of 41,000 m² on 8 parking levels, as well as adding earthquake reinforcements to the entire multi-storey car park.

Technical fact: Standard robot with special 2-jet nozzle | Units with up to 3000 bar, CRT particulate filter and BP diesel particulate filter | Hand lances

Renovation specification

The overhaul comprised the hydromechanical cutting of the top layer of concrete on the parking level surface incl. the kerbs, as well as collecting accruing site water below the renovation levels, subsequent reprofiling and the application of a multi-layer surface protection system.

The renovation is therefore carried out from top to bottom. The objective is the high-quality renovation of levels 0 to 8 with a service life of approx. 30 years, as well as improving the appearance and quality of the multi-storey car park. A working time of 4 months per floor was calculated and achieved for all works.

Concrete cutting

Our task concentrated on cutting through the concrete using high-pressure blasting. In order to meet the ambitious time constraints, a well-coordinated cutting concept, high-performance technology and experienced machine operators were required.

Thus, leadings were reduced to a minimum, and time-consuming reworking of the surface with manual, hand-guided equipment was largely omitted.

Fact: 41.000 m² cutting on parking level top surface (average 8 cm) | 240 m³ concrete cutting on kerbs

Cutting was performed first by robot and specially-developed nozzles. Then, hand lances were used to sluice down the rubble for immediate removal and to remove extra concrete residues and missed areas above the prefabricated joints and around the edges. 

Subsequently, after preliminary cleaning using high-pressure water blasting and directly before inserting the reinforcements, the surface was fine-cleaned with water or compressed air and corresponding suction dredge. 

Equipment technology

Nozzles developed specially for this project guaranteed very high-quality and accurate cutting with a constant blast pressure of the robot equipment of 2000 bar and 144 l/min. Blast pressures of more than 2000 bar and certified particulate filters were used exclusively.

Work interruptions due to hose damage could be eliminated by installing fixed lines on the respective parking levels. With the parallel operation of up to three robots and three hand lance units, up to 30 m³ of process water was required per hour. 2000 litres of diesel were kept in constant stock to bridge any postponed deliveries.  


Five high-pressure systems were used in parallel to remove the first 11,000 m², which meant the first two parking levels could be handed over to the ARGE partners before the agreed final deadline. This meant that all subsequent construction phases, such as reinforcement, concreting and surfacing, could be completed within the time framework of the project

The entire project was completed on schedule and transferred to the full satisfaction of the client.

Development and use of project-specific custom solutions

Total demolition of diaphragm wall - City-Tunnel Leipzig

A custom design was developed to demolish the solid reinforced diaphragm wall at the “Markt” station. The double nozzle on a movable carrier frame was supplied with 530 litres per minute by two 550 kW-impelled units.

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Work on a European transport hub

Renovation of Felperbrücke - A13 Brenner motorway

The renovation works on the high-traffic Felperbrücke on the Brenner motorway were completed in three construction phases – with two-way traffic throughout – and posed great challenges to man and machine due to the tight interim and final deadlines.

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Work on steep embankments:

Renovation of the Inn Canal – Jettenbach / Töging

For the renovation, 570,000 m² of embankments with a consistent gradient of 40° was prepared within 6 weeks for the subsequent works. An in-house developed, multi-nozzle blasting jet blasted the embankments in combination with high-performance telescopic caterpillars

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Renovation of the water-side dam wall

Maintenance of Pöhl Reservoir / Saxony

The structure required restoration due to the severely damaged concrete surface of the water-side dam wall. The remedial works for the dam wall were scheduled in two stages. Firstly, large areas of damage, weathered old concrete were removed by high-pressure water blasting. Secondly, a 20 cm-thick shotcrete facing formwork was constructed.

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Work on the North Sea bed

Renovation of the Limfjord Tunnel, Denmark

The Limfjord tunnel is a key link to the Aalborg region. Water penetrated the twin-tube undersea motorway tunnel due to leaky construction joints. The purpose of the renovation was to stop the water penetration and to reconstruct the damaged concrete.

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