The best technology for concrete works

Process advantages

High-pressure water blasting is characterised mainly by its particularly gentle effect on concrete, reinforcements and human beings. Typical advantages of the process are highlighted and explained below.

At a glance

  • Outstanding substrate quality
  • No cracks and structure-borne sound
  • Selectivity
  • Reinforcement preservation

Outstanding substrate quality

The substrate quality created through high-pressure water blasting contributed significantly to the success of the system. Sludge and impurities are removed from the substrate. Exposing the grain enhances the bonding surface – a key reason for using substrate preparation for concrete substitute systems or surface protection systems.

No cracks and structure-borne sound

The method is “practically crack-free”. Systematic investigations on high-rise buildings and bridge structures revealed that the pore structure of the processed concrete is not significantly altered by the surfaces processed with high-pressure water blasting. Stability and sustainability of the structure can be maintained significantly longer.
The structure-borne sound transferred to the structure can also be practically ignored. It is approximately 4% of the values measured compared with demolition hammers.


An exceptional advantage of this process technology is that by eliminating soft base layers, weak spots in the joints such as local cracks or grit spots can be detected and remedied independently.
Although this process does not always guarantee an even cutting depth, particularly in structures with major differences in strength, as to do so would mean removing all areas joined to damaged spots. This contributes significantly to the success and longevity of the maintenance operation. Reinforcements remain intact, and a sound structure is preserved.

Reinforcement preservation

Another considerable advantage is that the damage or loosening of the reinforcement can be practically excluded. Derusting and rinsing of chloride-induced corrosion with high-pressure water blasting is advised. With this process, you also avoid irritating dust emissions.

High-pressure water blasting offers various advantages and options for use, but it is not always the best solution. Should issues arise with tendered projects or during on-going works, please feel free to contact us.

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