Various applications for high-pressure water blasting



Whether industry or construction, a typical feature of high-pressure water blasting is the wide range of applications. Due to the of the process , horizontally and even overhead. We can even clean surface rust from metal parts.

Working not only on bridges, in tunnels and on parking levels, but also on all other structures; we can remove coatings and cement slurry, cut through large areas of chloride-damaged concrete and selectively expose reinforcements vertically, horizontally and even overhead. We can even clean surface rust from metal parts.

We design project-specific equipment for challenging construction geometries, which closely correspond to the intended purpose.

At a glance

    • CLEANING: Removal of the unwanted, atypical layers
    • ROUGHENING: Producing sufficient roughness depending on the concrete substitute system to be applied
    • SUBSTRATE PREPARATION & CONCRETE CUTTING: The removal of low-strength inherent layers
    • DERUSTING METAL PARTS: Possible up to purity level St21/2 möglich
    • EXPOSING REINFORCEMENTS: For strengthening existing structures for a complete restructuring
    • CUSTOM EQUIPMENT ENGINEERING: For special construction geometries


    The term CLEANING is often understood to mean the removal of unwanted atypical layers, such as the removal of surface impurities during the renovation of the Rendsburg road tunnel or the removal of bituminous sealant residues and cement slurry.


    ROUGHENING usually refers to producing sufficient roughness depending on the concrete substitute system to be applied. For example, the exposed grain structure during the renovation of the Rheinwerk underground car park in Bonn.


    Removal of low-strength inherent layers means removing weak areas of concrete down to a depth where the concrete is of sufficient strength to support the adhesion force of the substance to be applied thereafter, such as during SUBSTRATE PREPARATION on the crumbling embankments of the Inn Canal at Jettenbach/Töging.


    Removal of contaminated inherent layers refers definitively to CONCRETE CUTTING, as several centimetres of damaged concrete usually have to be removed. A frequent cause is structural damage caused by chloride attack, which was the case, for instance, in the renovation of the underground car park on Paradeplatz in Forchheim.

    High-pressure washing technology was used to wash the chloride-contaminated reinforcing steels and to rinse the chloride with the process water from the concrete. METAL PARTS CAN BE DERUSTED up to cleaning level Wa 2 1/2.


    Description of cleaned surfaces pursuant to ISO 8501-4 “Initial condition, preparation grades and flash rust grades in conjunction with high-pressure water washing” »

    Upon inspection without magnification, the surface must be free of visible oil and grease, loose or damaged coating and other atypical impurities. Remaining residue must be randomly distributed and must adhere firmly.

    Upon inspection without magnification, the surface must be free of visible oil, grease and dirt, and practically free of rust, coatings and other atypical impurities. Residues must be randomly distributed and can comprise firmly adhering coatings, firmly adhering atypical impurities and flecks of old rust.

    Upon inspection without magnification, the surface must be free of visible rust, oil, grease, dirt, coatings and all other atypical impurities, with the exception of weak traces. Surface discolouration may be visible where the original coating was damaged. Grey, brown-black discolourations on steel damaged by pitting and rust cannot be removed through further water washing.

    Another advantage is the undamaged EXPOSURE OF REINFORCEMENTS, which allows existing structures to be strengthened, extended or completely reconstructed, for instance, during the renovation of the waste bunker of the Ruhleben waste-to-energy-plant in Berlin.

    Cutting can have an impact on the load capacity, which is why it is only performed on the instruction and under the supervision of the client.

    Do you also work in the high-pressure water sector? Or in a related business? Do you have capacity peaks or require more unit power? Project specifics and the equipment required cannot always be accurately planned.

    Where our capacity allows, we are happy to help with EQUIPMENT HIRE with our cutting technology and pump technology, and we can also provide a machine operator on request. Get in touch with us.

    There are components or building geometries that cannot be achieved with standard cutting equipment. Which is why we provide CUSTOM EQUIPMENT ENGINEERING.  

    There are many potential applications and technical options in equipment technology for the use of high-pressure water blasting. An overview of these is available in the section “Projects and references" »

    Despite its versatile options for use, high-pressure water blasting is not always the most efficient system. We would be happy to advise you on this.

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