Helpful extra services for your construction site

Optional Construction Site Equipment

The mobile solution for water collection and treatment

Three-chamber sedimentation tank

Our mobile three-chamber sedimentation tank is the fast alternative when no other suitable measures are available on-site.

Ensure sufficient fresh air in challenging areas

Exhaust systems

Sometimes, the use of pump units is only possible indoors on construction sites. Therefore, we can also provide high-performance exhaust systems for our pump units for your project on request.

The safer solution for preventing damages caused by impurities.

Zeolite filtration system for open waters

We require portable water for the smooth operation of our high-pressure pumps on the construction site. Sometimes the local circumstances provide water that is potable and visibly clean; however, open waters can contain impurities that can clog the high-pressure pump. Zeolite filtration system for open waters prevents that.

It regulates the supply of fresh water largely self-sufficiently.

Water treatment

On some sites, a sufficient supply of fresh water is very costly. Water consumption can be very high, particularly in mechanical cutting. In these cases, the use of a water treatment system can be an alternative.

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