Technology, individually modified for your project.

Wannenwetsch cutting technology

Early modifications of the original cutting equipment by our in-house workshop quickly demonstrated that the individual requirements for versatile use are best implemented in an in-house development division.

From the very beginning, we were able to apply our practical experience to cutting technology; and in addition to the continuous development of our standard robots, various telescopic robots that are custom-designed for tunnel operations became an integral part of our machine fleet.

Precision down to the last detail.

Hand lances

Manually operated lances are ideal for accurately cutting and removing damaged concrete, as well as for cleaning and substrate preparation. They can be used anywhere that mechanical cutting is impossible or impractical from an economic perspective. Jet nozzles are used for selective concrete cutting and rotary nozzles for substrate preparation.

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Efficiency for inaccessible projects.

Surface cleaners

Surface cleaners are manually-operated, universal cutting devices. This makes them the ideal equipment for use on limited-access construction sites to prepare, strip and renovate surfaces. Surface cleaners are used without (chemical) solvents, e.g., for removing coatings, mastic residues, cement slurry, separating compounds, paint, rust, as well as for roughening concrete and asphalt.

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Efficiency with style

Standard robot

Manual cutting on floor, wall and ceiling...our standard robot is a multi-talent and an efficient alternative when it comes to large cutting volumes.
From which volume is cutting with a standard robot worthwhile? Check our FAQ section or contact us.

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With high pressure, even at 12 metres high.

Telescopic robot

Where the standard robot reaches its limits, the telescopic robot rises to the challenge. There are currently three different versions available for deployment.
Thanks to the larger track gauges, chain widths and the increased tare weight, the telescopic robots can also operate safely at up to 12 m from the ground without external safeguards.

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Individual solutions for your project.

Custom design

In addition to modules that are assembled directly on-site such as our “Lego robots”, there are other manual and automated custom designs that can be adapted or manufactured to suit a specific project, e.g., for tight space constraints, complex cross-sections or difficult component geometries.

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